Singing Torah Assistive Technology

Singing Torah enhances the B’nei Mitzvah student experience by making practice fun, collaborative and personal. We believe that a meaningful Bar or Bat Mitzvah experience lays the foundation for a life-long love of Jewish learning and connection to the Jewish community.

Preparing for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah should be a worthwhile, fun experience. Too often, students struggle to memorize words and melodies and search out online resources that may or may not be in sync with what their rabbi, cantor or tutor is giving them.

Singing Torah is an online interactive tool that enables students to see the words of the Torah, Haftarah or prayers, while listening to their own cantor’s or tutor’s voice.

The words are synchronized and highlighted on the screen as they are sung. Our unique patented technology makes practice time engaging, effective and efficient. Students can move at their own pace and can spend more time practicing challenging sections.

Singing Torah’s assistive technology is especially valuable for children with special needs and those who can benefit from extra time and lessons.

A meaningful bar/bat mitzvah can determine the path to joining a family’s community. But at the cusp of this journey, there is an archway that we can still walk through with them, where we can still guide, support, and love them, holding their hand as long as we can. Modern society creates expectation of individual choice and repels long-term emotional commitment and attachment. This is a point of discontinuity for any tradition. Singing Torah is how to solve that now and build this community.