Cantor Synagogue

A synagogue Cantor, or Chazan, chants the Jewish prayer service in a synagogue and leads the Jewish congregation in prayer. A Jewish cantor teaches Bar Mitzvah children and may teach Bat Mitzvah children the Torah Trope (or Torah Cantillation) of their community.

Our Mission

Think back to your own Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Did it prepare you to feel at home as an adult in the Jewish community?

Did you feel that you had enough time with your Cantor or Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutor? Or could you have used some additional help?

Do you remember being frustrated, struggling to memorize words and melodies without understanding the meaning behind them?

We believe that a meaningful Bar or Bat Mitzvah experience lays the foundation for a life-long love of Jewish learning and connection to the Jewish community.

We offer online, interactive tools to help make such an experience accessible to students and their synagogues in North America.



Making Synagogue Cantors Awesome

  • Your students actually practice between lessons. Practice becomes more engaging and fun.
  • Your students hear your voice and how you chant. Thus, they practice even when you are not there.
  • B’nei Mitzvah students learn mechanics much faster. Thereby enabling you to focus on nuances you enjoy.
  • Jewish children with special needs benefit from Singing Torah assistive technology.
  • Synagogue kids progress further in the same number of lessons. So, they become more Jewishly literate.
  • Successful learners are more comfortable in synagogue. As a result, they come more often and bring more friends & family.

Singing Torah’s software is a way to study your Torah portion at your own pace, hearing your cantor’s voice while viewing each word highlighted on the screen.

The Singing Torah team built a speech recognition engine specializing in cantillated Biblical Hebrew. Therefore, we take the chanting of any Jewish Cantor or Rabbi and synchronize it with the Hebrew Bible text word by word. Thereby, we enable B’nei Mitzvah students to learn and practice at home with voice of their own cantor.

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Please talk with your Rabbi or Cantor to see whether the Singing Torah educational tool is available through your synagogue.