Making Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutors Awesome

  • Your students actually practice between lessons, because practice is more engaging and fun.
  • Your students learn mechanics much faster, so you can focus on nuances you enjoy.
  • Your special needs students benefit from Singing Torah assistive technology.
  • Your students progress further in the same number of lessons, so when parents check up on your track record with previous students, you are awesome.
  • Your success can be a magnet for new students.

Synagogue Cantors and Bar Mitzvah Tutors Select Trope-Based Phrases with Color using Handout Page

The handout page shows side-by-side the Hebrew text and an English translation (or, optionally, a transliteration) of the selected verses. Following that is the tikkun for those verses. The page is designed to be printed using Print in the upper right menu. Some browsers allow you to control margins, headers, and footers when you print; best results are obtained when you minimize margins and don’t print headers and footers. If your browser supports print preview, you can adjust parameters interactively. Once you’ve set the print parameters the way you like, your browser may remember your settings. Note that if you want the colored trope highlighting, toggled by clicking the colored hamburger in the extreme lower right corner, to appear in print, you must enable background graphics. Also note that if you’ve zoomed the page, the printed text will be correspondingly zoomed; this allows you to obtain printed handouts with larger (or smaller) type, although the tikkun will not change size.

The handout page also has displayable navigation. Clicking the menu hamburger in the extreme lower left corner toggles the in-page navigation where the transliteration checkbox can also be found. Clicking either of the blue arrowheads (< and >) near the top at the left or right edge goes to the previous or next handout. If this is a student’s handout, the arrows cycle through the student’s assigned portion, the entire parsha, the student’s selection, and their tutor’s selection. Clicking Play, if present in the upper right menu, takes you to the corresponding Highlight Page.

Clicking the date takes you to the calendar with the date highlighted, unless this is a student’s handout and you are the student’s cantor, in which case it goes to the Assign Portions Page for the student’s shul, date, and service. For use on small screens, clicking anywhere on the left or right side displays only that side of the text or tikkun. Clicking again restores the two-sided display. If you print when only one side is displayed, only that side will be printed.

Trope Phrase Color Coded
Trope Phrase Color Coded
Shabbat HaChodesh Tikkun
Shabbat HaChodesh Tikkun

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