Synagogue Discount B’nei Mitzvah

As a synagogue with at least 20 B’nei Mitzvah students (chai students), you can benefit from a 50% discount off of our individual price of $500.

This provides use of the software for one Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah child from the start of their learning through their ceremony date for a cost of $250 per student.

In order to qualify, you (a) order for as many students at the $250 price as you wish (at least 20), and (b) provide access to students outside of your synagogue to use audio that you provide to our system.

Synagogue Pricing (requires 20 or more students)

Individual Price B’nei Mitzvah

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We offer a 50% discount to synagogues for 20 or more B'nei Mitzvah students.

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